Falah ul Quran  Academy is one of the most popular institutions for Muslims to attend online classes all over the world. which has a special section for women. Muslims from all over the world, including those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, are now able to learn the Quran online with us.

 With our respected Islamic Center, you can learn to begin Quran reading, memorization, and online quran classes. Also, we have lessons just for women that are taught by female tutors. They have numerous years of online Quran teaching experience. Start your Quran study and learning with Tajweed and other essential Quranic courses. We are also pleased to provide children with unique classes. Anybody can learn Quran at home.

Online Quran classes


You can enroll in online lessons for both Quran memorization and reading. We offer courses that are convenient to choose from. We are among the top online Quran academies in the world, and we are currently offering a 3-day free trial of our high-quality Online Quran classes.


For every student, our classes are beneficial. We provide flexible scheduling for children’s online Quran classes courses so they may easily complete their formal education as well. More and more students sign up for our courses as a result of this flexibility.

To begin learning with us, get in touch with us first, and then choose a time to attend the courses. You are prepared to begin your classes when you and your tutor mutually agree on a time.


You must demonstrate your online availability in order to study with us because we teach online. Children must use the internet to access their Online Quran classes as well. The same process applies if you want to enroll in online women’s Quran classes. 

The Computer is the first thing that students require. You must have Skype installed on a personal computer or an Android tablet. And make sure your internet speed is already good.


Students can begin online Quran studies with tajweed or any other course they desire to study from any country. We provide our instructors with specialised training in order to strengthen our teaching methodology. If a student has learning difficulties, we pay extra attention to that student. The length of the course is not something we choose. Instead, we follow the speed of students. Students profit much from this because they don’t feel burdened.

We support Muslims everywhere they go and offer them the best tutoring available. In order to provide effective tutoring services, our Quran Online Academy hires a qualified instructor for each course.


If you are in search of the most affordable courses, we are the correct option for you. Almost all of our students can afford our courses. We don’t have a large fee since we want to promote knowledge of the Quran. Teaching the Quran is a great endeavour, and we are pleased to carry it out. We are a very reputable Muslim online community. You can enrol in our courses whether you’re a working professional or a student.

While we are accessible, don’t waste your time and money on madrassas or Quranic centres. Our educational system is convenient and engaging.

About Us! 

We support Muslims everywhere they go and offer them the best tutoring available. In order to provide effective tutoring services, our Online Quran Academy appoints a qualified instructor for each course.

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