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In our academy, we impart the Arabic language in its purest form, Al-Fusha. This classical Arabic ensures students grasp the authentic language of the Quran, promoting a deep understanding of religious texts and facilitating effective communication within the global Muslim community. Our commitment to Al-Fusha ensures that learners not only acquire linguistic proficiency but also a direct connection to the eloquence and beauty of Islamic heritage. Join us at Over Academy, where we prioritize the teaching of Al-Fusha Arabic, enriching your linguistic journey with cultural depth and religious significance

At our academy, we follow the esteemed curriculum of “Duroos al-Lughat al-Arabia,” a comprehensive and renowned Arabic language program. This curriculum is carefully structured to provide students with a solid foundation in Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and expression. By incorporating “Duroos al-Lughat al-Arabia,” we ensure a systematic and effective approach to Arabic language learning. This curriculum not only facilitates linguistic mastery but also aligns with the classical traditions of Arabic education. Join us on a journey through “Duroos al-Lughat al-Arabia” at our academy, where we prioritize a rigorous and authentic learning experience for our students

Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Noorani Qaida serves as an indispensable foundational book meticulously crafted for beginners to acquire the fundamental rules of Tajweed, the art of Quranic pronunciation. Specifically tailored for students in the initial stages of Quranic learning, this instructional guide acts as a crucial starting point on their educational journey.

Learn Quran With Tajweed

The term Tajweed embodies the art of reading words accurately and with precise pronunciation. We consider it our ethical responsibility to approach the recitation of the Holy Quran with a dedicated commitment to correct Tajweed, ensuring a respectful and accurate rendering of its sacred verses


Online Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization, or Hifz, entails the commitment to memory and the learning by heart of the Holy Quran. The process of memorizing the Quran is not merely a religious endeavor; it encompasses mental, spiritual, and even physical dimensions. For every Muslim, embarking on the journey to memorize the Quran is a profound and holistic endeavor  

Learn Quran For Beginners

Quran Memorization, or Hifz, involves the dedicated commitment to memorize and internalize the Holy Quran. This process goes beyond being a religious undertaking; it encompasses mental, spiritual, and even physical dimensions. For every Muslim, embarking on the journey to memorize the Quran is a profound and holistic endeavor

Learn Quran With Translation

Learning the Quran with Translation entails the practice of reading the Quran in Arabic and comprehending its meaning in one’s native language through a word-to-word interpretation

Learn Quran With Tafseer

Enrolling in a Quran with Tafseer course is an opportunity to significantly deepen your understanding and knowledge of the Quran

Learn Arabic

Embark on a transformative journey with our Learn Arabic Course. Master the language efficiently in a comprehensive program designed for all levels. Elevate your linguistic skills today!

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